SEO Services for Small Businesses

We provide a wide range of SEO Services for SMBs

We will work with you to improve your website’s organic visibility on the search engines and we offer a variety of white hat SEO services that are inline with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. 

SEO Audit Services

An in depth SEO audit will help to you to understand the SEO opportunities, threads, weaknesses and strengths of your website. In order to make an informed decision to grow your website’s organic traffic, SEO Audit plays an essential role.

Tehnical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit checks the health of your website and makes sure that there is no technical issues that prevent your website crawled, indexed and ranked by search engines. We will check the performance and health of your website to ensure that there are no issues preventing search engines from crawling, ranking and indexing your website.

SEO Content Audit

Content is important for SEO as you can reach out to your target audience and potential clients and present your products and services through content which is helpful and relevant for your target audience. We will review the content on your website to determine which areas are strong/weak. By understanding which content is useful for SEO purposes and user experience, we can improve content so you can rank better.

Google My Business Audit

GMB or Google My Business is one of the most important local SEO tools that local businesses can use to improve their organic search. GMB Audit will help you to make sure you make the most of this useful seo tool for your local business. We will review your GMB profile and determine any areas for optimisation. If you do not have an account, we can help you to create one to ensure that you get as much notice of your businesses locally as possible.

Backlink Audit

Backlinks are important for your website as these help search engines to not only understand your content but also help to rank it. However, what happens if your website is associated with poor quality, spammy and toxic websites? Your organic ranking will suffer from poor backlink neighbourhood. Backlink audit can help you to understand your backlink profile and to improve it. We will review how many websites backlink to yours and review their reliability and authoritativeness. When other websites backlink to your website, this show to the search engine that your website is authoritative, respected and reliable which helps with ranking your website.

Website Speed Audit

No body likes slow websites and poor user engagements such as high bounce rates due to slow website speed may result in your organic rankings to suffer. Website speed audit can highlight issues and help to speed up your website. Further to Google's Web Core Vital update, website speed is an SEO ranking factor. The speed of your website is a crucial factor in your organic rankings so we will audit your website to determine your website speed. We can recommend methods, techniques and suggestions to improve the speed of your website so that you can offer better user experience and as a result you can rank higher.

Local SEO Audit

Local SEO ranking factors are similar to classic SEO ranking factors however in some cases we observe that Local SEO immensely competitive. To gain organic visibility and achieve organic rankings you need to make sure that your website is optimised for Local SEO ranking factors. We will review your website to see how well you rank for local SEO. It is important to achieve organic rankings and local SEO helps with that. We can then recommend local seo optimisation techniques, best practices inline with Google Webmaster Guidelines to improve certain aspects of local SEO.

Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO is important because it makes sure that your website is discovered by the search engines but also it makes sure that there is no technical limitations for your website and content to perform badly in organic search results. 

Thin Content Checks

Your website content should be authoritative and helpful and also it needs to fulfill the searcher’s intent otherwise search engines may consider your content as thin and this may result in poor performance in organic search results. We will check your website to see if you have any poor pages (thin content) that offers no help for the user. Thin content creates a poor performance for the website and for your SEO strategy. We can suggest content to replace any thin content on your website.

Duplicated Content Checks

Search engines like unique and valuable content so you need to make sure that your website content is not a duplication as a result of some wrong technical settings or inefficient content strategies. We will check to see if you have any duplicated or poor content which should be removed or edited.

Canonical Tag Checks

Canonical tags help you manage your website content and if you set your canonical tags wrongly you may impact your website’s organic performance negatively. We will check that your canonical tags are working and are correctly assigned to the relevant page.

404 Error Checks

"404 not found" is a standard HTTP status code that tells us that some of the pages on your website is broken and this is not good for user experience, for your website and SEO. We will check your website for any pages with a 404 error.

301 Redirections Checks

If you move your content around in your website, 301 redirections are one way to manage it. However if you are using unnecessary 301 redirections then it means that there are unneeded stops in between while taking your website users from one location to another. These inefficiencies cause poor user experience and is also not good for SEO. We will check your website to determine whether your 301 re-directions are useful or not.

Site Structure & Navigation Checks

An efficient site structure and navigation means happy users but also it helps with your SEO. The important pages should not be buried deep into the website and the navigation should provide a user friendly experience. We will check the structure of your website to see whether user navigation is simple.

Local SEO Services

Local search engine optimisation includes various services and actions to improve your business’s visibility  in the local search result pages. 

Keyword Research For Local SEO

Your target audience searches for various services and products and keyword research is the core of the Local seo strategy. We will find the best keywords that are relevant to your business which will be used in future content and current optimisation.

Content Optimisation

Further to keyword research, it is essential to create a content strategy to focus on both long tail keywords and fat head keywords to gain organic visibility. We will review current content and further to the keyword research phase, we will help you to launch a content creation strategy.

Image Optimisation

Depending on your business's vertical, image SEO can make a big difference. To make sure that your product or services are visible on the organic search result pages, image optimisation is an important process. We will review your current content and images and recommend image seo best practices.

Schema Code Optimisation

Schema codes can help search engines to understand your content better and these codes help search engines to return richer search result pages which means you may stand out in the search result pages thanks to Schema codes. We will optimise the schema codes on the website.

Local Backlinks Audits

From business directories to no-follow or sponsored backlinks there are plenty of backlink opportunities for your business to improve its visibility on the search result pages. We will perform local citation and backlink audits and help you to improve your websites backlinks via useful and valuable content pieces.

Local SEO Strategy

Creating a local seo strategy will help your business resources align for success. From keyword research to content creation, we will build a local SEO strategy for your business and break it into actionable tasks.

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